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Why League of Women Voters

Meddlers, Activists, Watchdogs and Engaged Citizens

League of Women Voters was created immediately after the passage of the 19th Amendment. After decades of protesting, legislative initiatives and great persistence, women finally received the right to vote in 1919. From the first convening of the Senaca Falls Convention in 1849 to 1919, the time was filled with marches in the streets, building strategic alliances, persistence, tenacity and dedicated individuals who would not rest until the disenfranchisement came to an end.  Having won the right to vote, the League's founders wanted to ensure that women would fully participate in our democratic system.

League of Women Voters began as a “mighty political experiment” designed to help 20 million women fulfill their responsibilities as new voters. LWV is known throughout the nation as a group committed to making our democracy strong, righting the injustices of inequity, protecting our natural resources, keeping an eye on our governmental systems and honoring their civic and legal responsibilities to the communities we serve. 

League of Women Voters short intro

Why Become a Member?

The League is distinguishes itself from other organizations by the level of involvement by our members. We are a grassroots organization that provides every member with opportunities to learn and educate others about the government as well as take action on public policy. We walk our talk! Groups of League members meet to discuss topics in a nonpartisan setting. They learn effective techniques for public discussion, how to advocate on specific policies, and what lies beneath the rhetoric. Our study and consensus process ensures that we are fully informed on issues before we take a stand. This approach has earned the League a national reputation for integrity and thoroughness.

Your participation in League will expose you to a breadth of experiences and issues that will not only inform you but create greater possibilities for civic engagement than you might imagine. The amount of time you're able to contribute is less important than the quality of your League experience. We value each contribution. Membership in League will invigorate, challenge and nuture your civic curiosity, ideals, or desire for action.

We offer workshops, events and mentorship opportunities throughout the year at all levels of League. Check out our calendar for state-wide events, and we recommend you contact your local League to find events near you.

Ways To Get Involved

We know Minnesotans are very diverse and there are many roles that present a variety of opportunities for our members to lend their expertise or gain experience. Let us know what your areas of interest are and we can get you connected.