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Voter Registration and New Citizens

Voter Service Work

Voter Registration

LWV Minnesota and its 33 local Leagues engage in a myriad of voter service work throughout the year. A perennial activity is voter registration. League members are often at schools, farmer’s markets, sporting events, and other community events to register citizens who are 18 years or older. We consider this the first important step to exercising your right as a citizen of the United States. Statistically, those who vote regularly are more engaged in community decision-making, not just through their vote, but through working on committees and task forces or considering a run for elected office themselves. 

New Citizens

LWV Minnesota is at every naturalization ceremony in the state of Minnesota. Since 1997, LWV Minnesota has been an integral part of this most important event in a new citizen’s life. Prior to the oath ceremony, LWV Minnesota members assist individuals with completing their voter registration forms; one of our leaders has also created a step-by-step PowerPoint presentation to address most questions. Once the oath is completed, the newest citizens are asked to sign their forms and to turn them into League volunteers. If you tend to be cynical about our democracy, this is one of the most moving moments one can experience. Witnessing the swearing in of hundreds, sometimes up to 1500 individuals at a time, from all over the world, will severely dampen your cynicism. The sheer joy expressed by these new citizens is exhilarating and  reminds each of us how fortunate we are to be citizens of the United States. Since keeping records in 2007, LWV Minnesota has registered over 63,000 new citizens. 

Want to Register Now?

Minnesota has online voter registration. If you would like to register now, Click here and complete the form.

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