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Advocating for Voting Rights

Since 1919, LWV Minnesota has been advocating for voting rights for all citizens. Our work entails preparing educational materials on voting issues, holding candidate forums, formulating positions on specific legislative initiatives and lobbying our elected officials in support of our positions. 

LWV Minnesota relies on its Executive Director and our volunteers to build relationships with our elected officials, other governmental bodies and community organizations. LWV Minnesota has a long history of working in alliance with many groups to advocate for the protection and expansion of voting rights. This is the heart of our mission; to ensure that all eligible voters have easy access to the polls and that all elections are fair and meet the standards set by our state laws. 

Recent Voting Rights Issues

  • Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015 (Federal)
  • Restoring the rights to former felons living and working in our communities (Minnesota)
  • Early Voting (Minnesota)
  • Pre registering 16 & 17 year olds (Minnesota)
  • Opposing Voter ID (Minnesota)