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Statehood for The District of Columbia

The 670,000+ people who live in the District of Columbia have no vote in either the House or the Senate.  Your Senators and Congressman, along with the other members of Congress, have the power to remedy this hole in our democracy.  But, many, many people in this country do not know that DC has no vote in Congress and do not understand the implications of this fact. The Distict of Columbia has more population than the states of Vermont or Wyoming, yet no voting rights in Congress. 

At the LWVUS Convention in June 2016, the body voted in favor to support LWVDC's efforts to work towards achieving statehood for the District of Columbia. LWVDC has put together a toolkit for local LWVs to use as a potenital program. Additionally, a repreentative from LWV DC recently visited Minnesota to present the history of this effort, the reasons why it makes sense for DC to have voting representatives in the House and Senate and the plans for continuing its efforts for approval.

On November 19, LWV St. Louis Park, hosted the program event. The following is a link to the presentation, "Fixing the Hole in Democracy: Statehood for DC". 

A complete list of resources are linked below"