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Money in Politics

Democracy Is Not For Sale!

The League of Women Voters believes that the methods of financing political campaigns should:

  • Enhance political equality for all citizens.
  • Ensure maximum participation by citizens in the political process; protect representative democracy from being distorted by big spending in election campaigns.
  • Provide voters sufficient information about candidates and campaign issues to make informed choices; ensure transparency and the public’s right to know who is using money to influence elections.
  • Enable candidates to compete equitably for public office; ensure that candidates have sufficient funds to communicate their messages to the public; and combat corruption and undue influence in government.

LWV of the United States Impact on the Issues 2016-2018

  • Support improvements in election laws regulating campaign finance.
  • Support the public's right to comprehensive disclosure of all political campaign contributions and expenditures.
  • Support judicious use of public resources to finance campaigns.
  • Support reduction of the amount spent on campaigns.

LWV Minnesota Program for Action 2017-2019


One of the most serious threats to our democracy system is the vast amounts of money spent on campaigns. The influx of money has made it to every level of elections and increased the amount of influence peddling in state and local governance. Citizens United and later cases opened a floodgate of money into our political system, which skews policies to favor those who can afford to spend thousands, or even millions, of dollars on campaigns. This monied influence reduces public trust in our democratic system and can suppress voter turnout as well. LWV Minnesota advocates for a campaign finance system that empowers the everyday voter rather than only the few who can afford to fund expensive campaigns.

Transparency through Disclosures and Disclaimers

LWV Minnesota supports the public's right to know who is using money to influence elections. Mandatory, timely, uniform, and complete reports of campaign contributions and expenditures should be made to a central authority responsible for disseminating such information to the public. Currently, that authority is the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board

Public Financing that Empowers Small Donors

LWV Minnesota supports the public financing of elections in which candidates must abide by reasonable spending limits. LWV Minnesota believes that our campaign finance system shoud combat political corruption. LWV Minnesota believes that political corruption includes:

  • A candidate or officeholder agrees to vote or work in favor of a donor's interests in exchange for a campaign contribution.
  • An officeholder or staff gives greater access to donors.
  • An officeholder votes or works to support policies that reflect the preferences of individuals or organizations in order to attract contributions from them.
  • A candidate or officeholder seeks political contributions implying that there will be retribution unless a donation is given. 
  • The results of the political process consistently favor the interests of significant campaign contributors.

LWV Minnesota also supports abolishing SuperPACs and spending coordinated or directed by candidates (other than by the candidate's own campaign committe). LWV Minnesota supports restrictions on contributions or bundling of contributions by lobbyists.

Strong Enforcement of Campaign Finance Laws

LWV Minnesota supports ensuring that regulatory agencies for campaign finance laws are properly funded, staffed, and structured to avoid partisan deadlock in the decisionmaking. The responsibility for reporting contributions and expenditures should rest squarly on the candidate. Penalties should be stringent enough to ensure compliance by candidates.