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Money in Politics

Election Campaign Financing and Reform

One of the most serious threats to our democratic system is the amount of money being spent on all elections. The influx of money has made it to every level of elections and it's nearly impossible to know who is funding campaigns. Most Americans have registered disgust with the increasingly nasty/negative campaigns. This disgust translates to poor voter turnout. Traditionally, Minnesota has had one of the highest voter turnouts, but in 2014, a year when all Constitutional State offices, the House and many local races were on the ballot, the turnout was one of the worst in the state's history.

Since the Supreme Court ruling on Citizen's United and potentially some additional changes at the state level, the gutting of spending limits and the preservation of funders' identities make our campaigns opaque.  From its very beginnings LWV Minnesota embraced transparency. As it stands now, the average voter is unable to discern who or where a candidate is receiving funding and therefore cannot determine who has potential influence over a candidate's voting record.

Major issues include:

  • Disclosure laws
  • Electronic access to campaign financial reports
  • Undue influence from special interests
  • Lack of public funding



Disclosure Laws

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