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2020 Census

Census 2020 - Every Person Counts!

Every ten years, the United States undergoes a process to record information about the population of the United States. This process and report is called the Census. The Census is a crucial part of how our country works politically and economically. 

The Census is used for: 

  1. Apportionment of members of Congress – Minnesota is in danger of losing a seat in Congress. An accurate census count ensures Minnesota has the best chance to keep all eight of its congressional districts for the United States House of Representatives.
  2. Apportionment of Electoral College votes – Just as Minnesota might lose a congressional seat, we might also lose an Electoral College vote.
  3. Population counts for redrawing voting districts – Failure to have an accurate population count can adversely affect equal democratic representation for Minnesotans.
  4. Allocation of federal resources, including money – Each individual not counted in the census could mean lost federal funding for up to $1,530 per person per year for Minnesota.
  5. Estimating population growth for demographic and economic reports – This information allows the state of Minnesota and local governments make informed planning and policy decisions for housing, transit, health services, business development, and more.

Thus, it is vital that every individual participate in the 2020 Census. In preparation for the Census, it is also important for local governments to do their part and for the state government to allocate adequate funding to ensure a complete and accurate count.