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Voting Rights History

Your Vote Your Voice -

Your Vote Your Voice

Your Vote Your Voice is a project of the League of Women Voters Minnesota generously funded by The Joyce Foundation. This site is intended to be a resource about the past, present and future of voting rights, primarily for high school students.


The purpose is simple:

To highlight why voting rights are so important and how they affect every aspect of our lives
To focus on the people, not the power
To encourage deeper thinking about the connections between the past and our present, and
To challenge younger generations to get active around the future of our Democracy

The Content

This site explores the interconnected issues that make up the history of voting rights in the United States. From pre-Columbus and the Doctrine of Discovery, to the creation of race and the barriers to participation, to the movements for suffrage and the progress made by the people. The site also looks at the current landscape, with a focus on how barriers and achievements today are connected to our national and state history.

The website contains a wealth of written content, as well as a handful of filmed interviews. Both are intended to be expanded over time.

Partner Approach

Eleven organizations partnered with us to help create a robust resource. Each of our organizations has a distinct mission, but we all share a vision for a better Minnesota that includes more participation in our political system, especially by young people.