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Stakeholder Engagement Model and Timeline

Model Components 

We're employing the Strategic Planning Partner-Supported Engagement Model which comprises the following steps:

  • Adopt engagement values, chose engagement level, decide key issues and questions 
  • Identify and analyze the full spectrum of stakeholder groups
  • Select key stakeholder groups to engage for this project 
  • Identify community partner organizations with strong stakeholder relationships 
  • Partners engage stakeholders around key issues and questions, using techniques of their choice 
  • Stakeholders generate great ideas in response to your key issues, questions 
  • Decision makers incorporate stakeholder ideas as they formulate long-term goals and key strategies
  • Determine Goals, strategies and develop an organizational annual work plan 



  • March 2016: Plan the strategic planning process, adopt engagement values, decide key issues and questions, identify key stakeholders, and choose methods to engage members and other stakeholders; set up web page <INSERT LINK HERE>; board appoints a steering committee to guide the process and work with the consultant
  • April - May: Engage stakeholders from across the state (League members, partners, donors, funders, etc.) through in-person sessions and online surveys and gather great input and feedback in response to the key questions 
  • June-mid July: Compile and analyze stakeholder contributions and post to LWV Minnesota website <INSERT LINK HERE>
  • Late July: Conduct a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
  • September: Based on stakeholder input, draft strategic planning goals and key strategies.
  • Late September-early October: Gather statewide stakeholder feedback on draft goals and key strategies via online survey; compile, analyze, and post results to website
  • Late October and beyond: Board finalizes and collaboratively implements new Strategic Plan