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Planning Process

Council 2016 - Strategic Planning Group Discussion

About the Process

In light of leadership changes at LWVUS and anticipating our upcoming centennial anniversary, in March 2016 the LWV Minnesota board saw a great opportunity for organizational reflection and launched an inclusive, multi-step strategic planning process. Strategic planning is an essential organizational tool to help boards, staff, and constituencies remain true to their mission, and serves as an organizational roadmap so we continually align our work with our agreed-upon goals. Through this process, the state League will identify evolving opportunities and challenges, a strategic pathway forward toward a stronger and higher-impact state League, and a practical, aspirational, and sustainable framework to help guide future initiatives and resource allocations.

How does the planning process work?

LWV Minnesota is using a partner-supported engagement model, which allows the state League to hear a diverse range of thoughtful perspectives from key stakeholders throughout the state. Working with our local Leagues, community partners, and using an online survey for individuals, stakeholders responded to a series of questions based on their relationship with the state League.

Will there be regular updates?

We will be posting periodic interim reports on this site.

How can I provide input into the strategic planning process?

Each of our stakeholder groups will be directed to respond to a survey designed to seek input that relates to our specific relationship: members, donors/funders, and partner organizations. Invitations will be extended through email with a choice to attend a small group event or to respond on-line.