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St. Paul

The League of Women Voters of St. Paul formed in 1947 after the Ramsey County League of Women Voters split into smaller, more local leagues. In 1948, LWV St. Paul published “You are the Government” which sold over 17,000 copies its first year. LWV St. Paul published similar documents for decades, including the most recent version, “Guide to Government” in 2013. In the ’70s, LWV St. Paul assisted with the creation of St. Paul’s Home Rule Charter. Several members were on the city’s Founding Committee. In the ’80s, LWV St. Paul collaborated with other community organizations to promote the merger of the City of St. Paul and Ramsey County Health Departments. 

After the 2004 election, LWV St. Paul studied the voting patterns of precincts in the 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004 elections. LWV St. Paul’s most recent work includes a 2009 Housing Report study observing the causes and effects of mortgage foreclosures, government actions on affordable housing, and recommended policies and practices. LWV St. Paul was also instrumental in the defeat of a voter ID referendum in 2012 that would have disenfranchised hundreds of voters. Today, LWV St. Paul continues to embody civic virtues of engagement and activism.

Officers and Board of Directors


  • Amy Mino, President
  • Vicki Barnes, Vice President (Program)
  • Nichole Fairbanks, Treasurer
  • Crystal Rose-Wainstock, Secretary


  • Amy Perna (Voter Service)
  • Erin Heisler Wagner (Communications, Marketing)
  • Hayden Kilkenny (Membership)
  • Morgan Croft-Schornak (Membership)


    • Ramsey


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