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LWV Winona completes Candidate Forum Moderator Training 2014

LWV Winona is pleased to announce that on April 1, 2015 it was reinstated as a local LWV within the State of Minnesota and approved by the U.S. LWV.

The 2015 bylaws state “The purposes of League of Women Voters of Winona, LLC are to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government and to act on selected governmental issues.”

These purposes, in concert with LWV Minnestoa, have been  adhered to during our 2000 to 2015 years as a “state unit”.  Membership levels had dropped to 5 in the late 1990’s.They surged over the past five years to 29 members!  We are continuing to grow. The photos represent our current 10 trained “LWV forum and Voter Services moderators." 

Voter Services  July through November 2014, included 15 organized events (primary and general election candidate forums, outreach to naturalized citizens to encourage them to vote, and voter registration events at high schools and colleges) reaching over 1000 citizens by direct contact.  The local media coverage  in the Winona area for the LWV events remains stellar.  The photo of the 95 year old Chinese naturalized Winona  citizen – who voted for the first time- was cover by local and regional newspapers, radio and TV.  To our amazement  it went viral. We received many local, state and national positive responses for  this story  (Photo: Voter Services 2014 – 95 Year Old Naturalize Citizen Votes).

The history of LWV Women in Winona goes back decades. We can only document the LWV activities through local newspaper archives from the 1960’s until 2015.   However, in any decade – the purposes of LWV are always challenged. 

We will strive to keep our democracy and voting privileges for all citizens from today and into the next century!

We welcome new members - contact us for more information on events in the Winona area!

Membership Dues
$70 One–year individual membership (100% tax deductible)
$80 One-year household membership for two or more members who share an address (100% tax deductible)      
$30 One-year student membership (100% tax deductible)      
$100 Contributory Membership (100% tax deductible)
Membership  is collected at meetings or mailed directly to the Membership chair.  

Officers and Board of Directors

President - Stephanie Nuttall


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