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St. Cloud Area

The League of Women Voters of the St. Cloud Area (LWVSCA) is a trusted group of engaged women and men of all political persuasions who volunteer to support freedom and equality for all.  The League is recognized as an organization that supports democracy by registering voters, conducting candidate forums for state and local elections, and taking positions on issues such as voter rights, campaign financing and election practices. We also study current legislation and public policies pertaining to issues such as education, immigration, environment, health care, transportation, and agriculture. Our local League is a training ground for members to become leaders within our organization and to participate at all levels of government.  We often join other community groups to collaborate on projects and to raise the awareness of democracy in action.

LWVSCA publishes a monthly newsletter, LEAGUE LINES, that keeps members informed about League activities and provides updates regarding political issues currently being studied. Study issues are presented at monthly meetings that are open to the public.  We aim to be a culturally diverse organization by reaching out to include members of all ages and ethnicity. Please visit our web-site at  We look forward to answering your questions and welcome your participation as a member or volunteer of our organization.



Officers and Board of Directors

President: Lolly Loomis 
Vice President: Mary Kivi
Secretary: Susan C. Smith
Treasurer: Diane Bublitz
Voter Service: Kate Meyer
Community Outreach: Sheila Ferguson
Programming: Ann Fleming
Membership: Ralph Carr
Program Action: Linda Kotschevar
Nominating Committee Chair: Karen Langsjoen


    • Becker
    • Alexandria
    • Clear Lake
    • Cold Spring
    • St. Cloud
    • Sartell
    • Sauk Rapids
    • Waite Park


Event Calendar