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Northfield, Cannon Falls

LWV Northfield, Cannon Falls

The League of Women Voters of Northfield & Cannon Falls serves their communities in a variety of ways and benefits greatly from quality partnerships with local organizations.  In the past year, they have worked in partnership with Northfield’s Human Rights Commission and Carleton College around “Community Reads” projects on the topics of advocacy for veterans and recent immigrants.  In the coming year, it is their desire to continue to seek new partnerships that will promote civic engagement across their communities.

Collaborations with Carleton College and St. Olaf College have taken place in variety of ways over many years.  In advance of last year’s candidate forums, they sponsored Moderator Training on the Carleton College campus (four years ago they held a similar training on the St. Olaf campus).  Terri Kalil of the LWV-MN Board of Directors facilitated the trainings and participants included students from both campuses, as well as local League members.

In the Fall of 2014, Alyssa Berg (St. Olaf senior and local League member), along with a fellow League member, made presentations on voting rights and voter registration to Northfield High School seniors.  Registration materials were distributed and age-qualifying students registered to vote during these sessions.  Presentations were also made to seniors at Arcadia Charter School as part of this commitment to the registration of first-time voters.  Voter registration tables were also set up at both Carleton College and St. Olaf College on more than one occasion during the school year.  During the well-attended “Defeat of Jesse James Days” in September in downtown Northfield, a very busy League of Women Voters table provided opportunities for citizens to register to vote.

The Northfield – Cannon Falls League is committed to bringing forums on a variety of current issues to their communities.  Examples of topics explored in previous years include Voter ID, Immigration Law, and the Affordable Care Act.  This fall’s Kick-off the morning of Saturday, October 3rd, will focus on the restoration of voting rights for felons.  Guest presenters will be Secretary of State Steve Simon and Sarah Walker, founder and chair of the Minnesota Second Chance Coalition.  

Officers and Board of Directors


  • President - Adrienne Falcon
  • Vice President - Pat Johnson
  • Treasurer - Paul Zorn


    • Northfield
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