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Golden Valley

LWV Golden Valley formed in January 1946 and recognized by LWVUS in 1948,  LWV Golden Valley serves this first-ring suburb west of Minneapolis. Golden Valley is a cityof 20,000. The current membership of LWV GV is 31 members

Perennial actvities for Golden Valley include candidate forums. LWV GV is also a participant in an independent League organization, called West Metro, a collection of 9 West Metro Leagues who gather regularly for shared program opportunities. 

An unusually high percentage of LWV-GV members are present and/or past elected officeholders or appointed public officials.

Officers and Board of Directors


  • Secretary - Jackie Wells
  • Treasurer - Linda Loomis
  • Voter Service - Jackie Wells & Gloria Erickson
  • Voter Editor - Anne Borgen
  • Membership - Mary Anderson


  • Peggy Leppik
  • Martha Micks


    • Golden Valley


Event Calendar