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League of Women Voters Bloomington is a vigorous and respected source of education about voting, campaign involvement and community issues.  We hold monthly Tasty Topics meetings for planning and reviews of our program of democratic engagement of our citizens.

Voter Registration—Leaguers register voters at our high schools, citizenship ceremonies and Farmers’ Market.  Our presence helps engage our neighbors in addressing community issues as well.

Elections—Forums with city, school board, county and state election candidates are well attended in person and expand our audiences via cablecast.  

Community Events—Expert presentations on immigration, citizenship, domestic violence and youth homelessness inform and engage our community in seeking solutions.

Student Engagement—Our presence at student events provides information to students about the importance of involved citizenship. Internships help students engage in community events and issues. 

Our partnerships with community agencies, schools, and communities of faith include Bloomington Public Schools, Northwestern Health Sciences, Normandale Hylands United Methodist Women, Oasis for Youth, Cornerstone, Al Farooq  Youth and Family Center, Penn Lake Library, Normandale Community College, Normandale Hylands United Methodist Church & Society, Bloomington Human Rights Commission, VEAP, and the Bloomington Multicultural Advisory Committee.  

LWV Bloomington welcomes our diverse Bloomington community to all of our events.  

Officers and Board of Directors

  • President - Mary Rice
  • Treasurer - Dorette Kerian
  • Secretary - Denise Royer


    • Bloomington


Event Calendar