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LWV Edina

LWV Edina was founded in 1954. In a community that harkens back to 1858, we truly value history and community action.  We host two unit meetings a month, usually on the same topic – on the second Thursday and second Saturday mornings. Recent meetings have centered on homeless youth, redevelopment of public land in Edina, and sulfide mining near the BWCA.  We were proud to register voters with Judy Stuthman's help at possibly the first ever citizenship ceremony in Edina, led by the school district's service learning coordinator. Members serve on the state level action and finance committees and the LWVUS study committee on money in politics.

We are active in our community, always sponsoring candidate forums for local and state elections. We have a book club that meets monthly.  Our recent local studies included one on public use of our city facilities that revealed a lack of transparency in city budgeting, and an update on our youth, alcohol and substance use policy.  That update led to our ability to better communicate with the school district and to take action on the regulation of e-cigarettes and marijuana. A study on city boards and commissions led to complete redesign of the application and selection process with establishment of term limits, opening them to much more diverse membership. Find us on Facebook and our website 


Officers and Board of Directors


  • President - Colleen Feige
  • Secretary - Barbara Green
  • Treasurer - Katie Oberle
  • Membership - Joni Bennett
  • Publicity - Ellen Jones
  • CMAL - Idelle Longman
  • Voter Service - Susan Clark
  • Action - Julie Rogers Cascom
  • Newsletter - Cathy Cella
  • Outreach - Nassim Rossi



    • Hennepin
    • Edina


Event Calendar