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Equity & Inclusion

A broad cross-section of citizen organizations partner with LWV Minnesota to achieve great success

LWV Minnesota is recommitting itself to be a more inclusive organization to all who are actively engaged in their communities and democracy reform. We work in concert with a variety of organizations who align with our mission and who want to broaden community & civic engagement throughout the state of Minnesota. We are also working with younger adults and students to participate as voter election judges and voter registration campaigns, as well as being involved in the democratic process.

We believe that all should have a seat at the table and that all voices must be heard. We know there's more work to be done in order to achieve true equity in our communities. Through our recently launched website Your Vote Your Voice we are establishing new relationships with partners, to work collaboratively and as allies in areas of policy reform and social justice. Our membership is also beginning to undertake cultural competency work through individual and group trainings. 

In this presidential election year, voter registration and get out the vote activities will increase. We are particularly interested in making sure new young voters show up at the polls. 

Here's a link to the latest report from one of our partners, Nonprofit Vote and the results of our work in 2014 in engaging new voters.Report was published in December 2015.


This video below is of a program hosted by LWV St. Cloud Area and presented by Alyssa Berg, a student from St. Olaf College, "Engaging Young Adults in the Democratic Process".


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Equity & Inclusion